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3D animation is the technique of using action/motion to bring life in actors, cars, props, and more for TV shows, videos, and games too. In order to ensure they produce an animation-ready model, 3D designers or 3D animators are also involved in several early phases of the VFX pipeline. For one, the Animator has to make sure that whoever rigs the model does so with certain aspects in mind in order to give a character the right personality characteristics and gestures.


Filmmaking is the method of shooting a film/video. It is a non-linear approach that emerged in its beginnings from realistic encounters, framed by what technology can enable; initially, cameras keeping just 10 minutes of negative raw stock at a time but quickly mobile.


Want to start your journey as Gaming Developer? The mobile game development courses at Arena Animation Delhi teach you how to turn your designs into real playing games. Our job-focused career preparation equips you with important, realistic skills that will support the video game industry throughout your career, whether you want to work with an AAA studio or become an independent developer.


Arena Animation offers job-oriented courses to help you build successful careers in the booming digital space. Join our graphics and web design courses to discover more about web design and graphic design! With the rapid expansion of the Internet, the demand for skilled web designers is on the upswing and this number is only set to rise in the coming years.


Web architecture refers to the design of websites on the internet that are viewed. Instead of app development, it commonly relates to the user interface aspects of website development. A web designer focuses on a website's presentation, structure, and, in certain instances, content. Appearance, for instance, refers to the colours, fonts and photographs used.


Visual effects (VFX) is a term used by any movie or other moving medium that cannot take place during live-action filming to represent imagery produced, manipulated, or improved. In order to create realistic looking scenes for the background, VFX is the integration of actual video and this distorted imagery.

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